Parking Tariffs

The services for the organization of parking lots at the terminal landside of the Novosibirsk international airport (Tolmachevo) are provided by the company LLC "NOVAPORT Trading".

Parking regulations:

  • The Parking area is an integrated Parking complex and it is organized on the basis of an Automated Parking System (APS), which records the customer's entry with a Parking card, calculates the costs of Parking services in accordance with the tariffs in the point-of-sale terminals, registers the customer's departure upon showing of the Parking card;
  • Throughout all the area of the Parking complex, you have to comply with the traffic regulations. In case of a traffic accident, a traffic policeman shall be invited;
  • It is prohibited to stop vehicles outside the designated Parking spaces indicated with road markings;
  • Placement of vehicles within the territory of the Parking complex shall not be considered as a conclusion of the storage agreement. The LLC "NOVAPORT Trading" shall not compensate losses, misappropriations, damages or violation of completeness of vehicles, a theft of any other property placed in the territory of the Parking complex, including things left in the vehicle.

The total territory of the Parking complex is divided into Parking areas:

Р1 and P6 have a separate entrance. The driveway to P4 (embedded zones) and P5 shall be performed via  P1.

P1:  is located on the airport landside 50 meters away from the terminal, designed for 250 Parking spaces.

The duration of Parking Prices
up to 15 minutes* free of charge
between 16 and 60 minutes 250 RUB.
after that for every subsequent hour 200 RUB.
not more than 1500 rubles for every 24 hours of Parking service.

* Guard time interval.

The Tolmachevo administration cannot guarantee that you will have enough time to complete your business matters on the territory of P1 within the guard time interval. Use the guard time interval to move into the enclosed Parking areas P2 and P4, as well as for a short stop and then exit the Parking complex.

The Parking area is limited and cannot accommodate everyone for an unlimited period of time. We appreciate your understanding!

P2:  Under reconstruction

P3:  Under reconstruction

P4:  located on the airport landside 100 meters away from the Sector A building, designed for 220 Parking spaces, the entrance is located near the terminal.

The duration of Parking Prices
up to 3 days inclusive 500 RUB / day
up to 6 days inclusive 400 RUB / day
more than 6 days 300 RUB / day

* If the period of storage of the car on P4 is less than a day, the payment is to be charged for a full day.

P5:  it is located in front of the entrance to the halls of superior comfort, is intended only for passengers in the VIP-hall.
Service price: at the tariff of Parking P1

P6:  it is located 500 m away from the Terminal A, designed for 200 Parking spaces.
Service price: free of charge

The places for persons with disabilities are located in the Parking lot Р1  in the first row, according to the road markings and information plates, as well as in the Parking lot Р4 next to the entrance.


Payment shall be made by parking cards using the APS point-of-sale terminals, located on the parking lots P1, P4. You can check your parking card and make a payment at any point-of-sale terminal, regardless of where you park your car.

We kindly ask you to pay for parking cards in advance, it allows to avoid creating queues of vehicles on the road.

Information about the time to which you can make a check-out on the paid card, or in a guard time interval after your entry is displayed on the payment receipt, please do not throw the payment receipt before leaving the Parking complex. If you do not have enough money to pay, we recommend to leave your car within the parking lot P6. 

Information on the availability of not occupied Parking spaces:

Please note that the territory of the Parking complex is not guarded, and the Administration of the Airport Tolmachevo shall not be responsible for the safety of vehicles parked on its parking lots.

Do not leave the parking card in your parked car. Do not leave open the windows and doors of your car. Please be sure to turn on the alarm systems and use anti-theft devices. Please do not leave cars which are not insured against theft for long periods.