Parking Tariffs

Short-Term Parking

The parking P1 is located near the Novosibirsk International Airport. A car can be left for a short time in a place specified by an inspector-controller of the POS.

The cost of services on organization of parking at the airport square — 50 RUR every fifteen minutes, the first 15 minutes are free.

Long-term car storage is available

The parking P2 is 80 meters from Terminal B (International Terminal), it is designed for 270 parking spaces, the entrance from the airport square. The cost of service is 250 RUR every 24 hours.

The parking P3 is located 120 meters from Terminal A (Domestic Terminal), is designed for 240 parking lots, the entrance on the left before entering the controlled territory through ParkTime.

  • +7-923-110-76-74 (24 hours a day)

The parking P4 is located in 80 metres from Terminal A (Domestic terminal), is designed for 240 parking lots, the entrance on the right before entering a controlled territory through ParkTime.

The cost of service is 250 RUR every 24 hours.

The long-term parking lots secure video surveillance 24/7.

For convenience of clients, the long-term parking lots offer the following services:

  • deposit cells for storing documents, keys and other valuables (P2 Parking);
  • heating a car with a portable liquid-fuel heater;
  • cold start, pumping of wheels.

Payment for the parking services at P2 and P3 is made with the use of parking cards at the cash machines of ParkTime located at the territory of the Novosibirsk International Airport. The parking services at P4 are paid via the payment terminal of an inspector-controller.

Free Parking

The free parking P6 is located in 300 m from Terminal A, is designed for 200 parking lots.