Restaurants & Cafes

Beerman&Grill, Restaurant

Terminal A, first floor

Inexpensive beer restaurant with a modern interior. In the restaurant one can enjoy many varieties of draft beer with a special grill and sushi menu.

IL Patio Restaurant

Terminal A, first floor

Great selection of Italian dishes, from Pizza cooked over an open fire to various vegetable, meat or seafood dishes.

BURGER KING Restaurant

Terminal A, first floor

The second largest in the world network of fast food restaurants specializing in hamburgers.


Terminal A, first floor

The first chain of restaurants in Novosibirsk offers a chance to enjoy real American and Italian pizza.

Cup of Coffee coffee shop

Terminal A, ground and first floors Terminal B, ground and first floors

Coffee shops of Denis Ivanov’s Group of Companies Wide choice of coffee for real connoisseurs and desserts from our own confectionery as well as a variety of classic and piquant dishes.

Coffee House coffee shop

Terminal A, first floor

The largest chain of coffee shops in Russia and Ukraine. The coffee shops are always nearby and they are ideal for meetings and socializing, work and relaxation.

Traveler's Coffee coffee shop

Terminal A, first floor

In-house production provides high-quality coffee, pastries and confectionery products for all coffee shops of Traveler’s Coffee network in Russia and abroad.

Shokoladnitsa coffee shop

Terminal A, ground floor

One of the largest networks of coffee shops in Russia. Along with the wonderful coffee made from freshly roasted coffee beans, elite varieties of teas, juices and cocktails, the network is renowned for its pastries and delicious desserts.

Kuzina confectionery

Terminal A, first floor

Popular Novosibirsk network of confectioneries, whose specialty is Sinemen, the legendary cinnamon roll that you see in your dreams at night.

Bon Ape French bakery

Terminal A, ground floor

Bakery products according to unique old and modern recipes of the best bakers from all over the world: Italian Ciabatta, Toscana, Fonduta and Focaccia, French baguettes, classical Viennese pastries, Berlin donuts, and much more.

Carte D'or ice cream sales point

Terminal A, ground floor

The largest chain of Italian ice cream shops. The ice cream is made in Italy. It is made only from normalized milk with optimal fat content and natural fillers.

33 Penguins ice cream sales point

Terminal A, first floor Terminal B, first floor

A large Russian café chain that offers premium ice cream. The philosophy of the company is making ice-cream only from natural ingredients.

Mama Russia Restaurant

Terminal A, first floor

A self-service Russian cuisine restaurant. Simple and healthy food, affordable prices and prompt service, which is particularly important at the airport.

Ambar Restaurant

Terminal B, first floor

Restaurant with traditional Russian and European cuisine.

Ecopoint AERO

Теrminal А, first floor

Fast food café with ecologically safe, natural and healthy food. Menu of the first Ecopoint AERO café in Novosibirsk includes hot meals, salads, desserts and alcohol free drinks.

Hamovniki Bar

Теrminal А, first floor

Beer bar with Russian beer brand Hamovniki and European brands О ettinger, Budweiser Budvar, Erdinger. Main menu includes home-made salads, snacks and hot meals: fried cheese and potatoes with tartar sause, special spicy sausages with onion, paprika and pickled cucumbers, marinated roast beef.