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Welcome to Novosibirsk region!

The Novosibirsk region is incredibly multifaceted. This is the birthplace of famous scientists, athletes, musicians, writers, politicians, a storehouse of historical finds, a unique natural area.

In this section, we have compiled a list of the most interesting places in our region, from the famous theaters and museums to interesting and extraordinary excursions, which we hope will not leave you indifferent.

Regardless of whether you plan to stay in Novosibirsk for a long time or travel in transit with a long connection or come on a business trip, we are ready to offer you a variety of activities and places for an exciting pastime.

  • Railway memory
    There is the world's only monument to the bridge on the embankment of the Ob River. It is the real railway bridge span, built in 1987, which made Novosibirsk the third largest city in Russia. This monument serves as one of the main monuments of the history of Novosibirsk.
  • Siberian "Chicago"
    Novosibirsk is the fastest-growing city with a million population in the world. Due to this indicator, the city was included in the Guinness book of records. The number of its residents has reached 1 million people in less than 70 years. " For comparison, the rapid Chicago took 85 years to reach 1 million residents, new York-250, Tokyo-400, Moscow-700, and Kiev — 900.
  • The Largest Theater In Russia
    Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater is the symbol of Novosibirsk and the largest Opera house in Russia. The city residents call it the Siberian Colosseum for its gigantic size. Today, under the roof of the Opera house in Novosibirsk can easily accommodate the Bolshoi theater of Moscow.
  • The longest metro bridge in the world
    Novosibirsk Metro Bridge is a metro bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk which connects the stations Studencheskaya and Rechnoy Vokzal of the Leninskaya Line of the Novosibirsk Metro. It is the longest covered metro bridge in the world. The total length of the bridge is 2,145 m (from it the river part is 896 m). The trains were opened together with the first five metro stations on 7 January 1986.

Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is a symbol of Novosibirsk and the largest opera Theatre in Russia. Residents call it the «Siberian Colosseum» for its giant size. Today under its roof the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow can easily be placed. The main feature of the building is a big dome with a diameter of 60 m and 35 m high. It has a unique construction supporting itself, without buttresses, farms or columns. Average thickness of a dome — 8 cm, its relation of thickness to radius is less, than an egg. From above the dome is covered with a set of iron scales of silvery color. The physically disabled people moving on wheelchairs can visit the theater.

Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society

Novosibirsk state Philharmonic society is the largest and one of the leading concert organizations of Russia On its sites unite most professional musical groups of the city. The basis of the poster is academic music performed by the Novosibirsk academic Symphony orchestra, whose artistic Director and principal conductor is Thomas Sanderling (Germany). the main guest conductor was Fabio Mastrangelo (Italy). It is interesting that one of the venues of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic is named after the Creator of the Symphony orchestra — Arnold Katz. At the Philharmonic venues there are a variety of programs: symphonic and jazz concerts, chamber and folk music, choral works and samples of traditional folklore, ancient and pop etc. In addition to touring, the Philharmonic team holds a number of major international festivals: the international Christmas festival of arts, the TRANS-Siberian Art Festival, Sib Jazz Fest and others. In total During the year the Philharmonic ensembles give about 1800 gigs.

Theater «Globus»

Theater «Globus» is one of the oldest theaters of the city and the country's first regional theater for the young viewers. The history of «Globus» begins in 1930. It is a usual practice here to invite the directors of various art schools and make statements on performances. Such approach to statement is applied for the creation of performances, which are equitable to the many-sided interests of spectators. The building is stylized under a sailing vessel and situated in the downtown and it is, probably, one of the most recognizable buildings in Novosibirsk – it is considered to be one of the most known in Russia.

The puppet theater

The puppet theater is a surprising infinite art. Exactly the expression of different types of theater art are synthesized. In the performances they are weaved, alloyed in a single whole for the sake of a main goal – to reveal meaning of the text most brightly and deeply, expressively and clear for the audience. The theater for the little audience was and remains a magic world of fantastic heroes. The theater expresses all the pedagogical ideas through dolls which life on the scene is «life of human spirit».

Theater «Red Torch»

The theatre was found in April 1920 in Odessa by the group of young actors headed by the director Vladimir Constantinovich Tatishev. «Red Torch» has been working as a mobile theatre for 11 years and in the year 1932 it becomes the first permanent theatre in Novosibirsk. the theatre is located in the building of a former Commercial meeting (sometорimes called the Merchant club), built in 1914 by the famous architect A. D. Kryachkov. It played an important role adding to the capital of Siberia’ cultural outlook Such outstanding personalities of the country as People’s Actress of Russia Vera Redlikh, People’s Actor of USSR Evgeny Matveev, People’s Actor of Russia Vladlen Birukov, Honorary Actors of Russia Anatoly Solonitsin, Andrey Boltnev, Anatoly Losev etc. are connected with the «Red Torch». Today, the troupe consists of 42 actors, among them – People's Actress of Russia Federation Galina Alehina and 10 honored artists of the Russian Federation. Since 2015, the main Director of the theater is Timofey kulyabin. Keeping the traditions of the Russian psychological school, «Red torch» explores the nature of modern theater, experiments with new trends and styles. The theatre cooperates with the leading Directors of the country, annually presents exclusive art projects, and every two years, for many years, and holds a large-scale interregional theater festival «Siberian transit», where the best performances are presented by theaters of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

The Museum of Novosibirsk
Chaplygina St., 27; Оbskaya St.,4
+7 (383) 228-75-47
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The Fund of Novosibirsk Museum contains documents and exhibits, an extensive video library, a significant library collection. The Foundation is based on the work of the founder of Russian and world cosmonautics Yuri Kondratyuk. The partners of the Museum are organizations in the field of education and culture, residents of the city, providing exhibitions or giving unique documents, photos, objects. "Museum of Novosibirsk" consists of 8 regional branches, a Museum in the Park " Gorodskoye nachalo" and the house of Grigoriy Budagov, the Museum of constructivism and the Museum of documentary film house. Since 2012, the "Novosibirsk Museum" has been implementing the project "Novosibirsk - city-museum". The project includes author's excursions through the streets and interesting urban sites, historical shows, the creation of virtual and electronic historical resources.

Museum of local history

The building of the Museum has been built especially for the City mall in 1911. Besides the leased floor spaces there were administration premises and chambers of businessmen. The unique collection of national suits, paleontological and archaeological collections are presented in the Museum. The exhibitions of private collections are regularly held. The department of nature acquaints visitors with various fauna of Siberia. A full skeleton of a female mammoth is exposed here. A cave with digital bats is constructed in an exposition, and on big plasma screens the modern widgets appear – clips about habits of animals and birds.

Novosibirsk State Art Museum

Novosibirsk State Art Museum was called the Novosibirsk art gallery till 2004. The basis of the collection of the museum is made of works transferred from the state and other museums of Russia. The most considerable in the collection of the museum are masterpieces of Russian art since 16th century. The unique collections (60 works) of Nikolay Roerich and the Novosibirsk artist Nikolay Gritsyuk (65 pictures) are presented here. The fund of the Art museum contains more than 10,000 works of art. Besides the Novosibirsk Art Museum, the Novosibirsk museum of a toy, Wax museum and Theatre of an art doll are in the building.

Novosibirsk zoo
Timiryazev St., 71/1
+7 (383) 220-97-79
from 9:00 to 18:00 (ticket office to 17-00)
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Have you ever seen the Caucasian leopard? No? Then you have to visit Novosibirsk zoo, one of the largest in Russia. You won't meet Caucasian leopard in any other park of the world! One of the best collections of cats and martens is collected in Novosibirsk zoo. It is necessary to tell you about a liger – a unique hybrid of lion and tigress. Ligers don’t live in wild nature; in the whole world the number of them is not more than two dozen. In 2008 Novosibirsk zoo became one of participants of the competition «Seven Miracles of Russia» and got in the super final, where the struggle with 14 other applicants happened. Novosibirsk zoo was awarded with the diploma of a participant of the super final.

The dolphinarium

The dolphinarium is located on the territory of Novosibirsk zoo. It is the Siberia's first stationary dolphinarium which includes nine pools: one for performances, one for dolphin therapy, several for service and rest of the animals. The number of places in the auditorium is 650. Fauna: 4 dolphins-afalin, 2 sea lions, 5 seals, 1 pacific walrus and 2 white whales. In the winter pavilion on the second floor there are cages with animals and a botanical garden with artificial falls. On the territory of a dolphinarium a three-storied cafe for visitors and physically disabled people is constructed.

Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye Plato St., 1/1
+7 (383) 347-77-11

Planetarium is a new modern complex, which represents a difficult scientific and technical construction and is the newest planetarium on the territory of Russia and the largest in its Asian part. On the territory of this unique complex, besides the building of planetarium, there are also a Foucault's tower with the pendulum, used for demonstration of daily rotation of the planet and the Astrophysical center. A Ferris wheel is constructed on the territory of the planetarium. From the highest point of the wheel you can see wonderful panoramas of Novosibirsk.

The children's railroad
Zayeltsovsky Park St., 2
+7 (383) 229-41-48

The children's railroad is located on the territory of the Zoo. If you think that you will see a usual attraction, then you are mistaken. Everything is serious, because the children's railroad in Novosibirsk is supervised by West Siberian Railway, Russian Railway branch.  

The railroad has three narrow-gage locomotives, children's cars and the open car platform of own development. Everything here is real – station, platform, trains, 300 meters long trestle and two bridges with the total length more than 100 meters. So, both the child and the adult will derive the pleasure from a trip.

The museum of railway equipment
Razjezdnaya St., 54/1
+7 (383) 337 96-22
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The museum of railway equipment is the museum under the open sky: on six railway tracks, the length of each is 420 meters, settled down 100 units of railway equipment – cars, locomotives. Near the entrance to the museum the visitors meet the model of «a steamship stagecoach» – the first Russian engine constructed by father and son Cherepanov in 1834. Among the unique exhibits there is the engine of the designer V. Lopushinsky constructed in 1912, armored-wagon for imperial persons and the sanitary train with the kitchen of the Second World War times. In the collection of the museum there are Soviet cars of different years of release and also several trucks, tractors and all-terrain vehicles.


Year-round Waterpark is a unique covered complex in Russia. The set of water attractions will interest any age-category of visitors. The composition of water-ride objects includes such slides as «Constrictor», «AquaSphere», «Aqualoop» and «Spaceball». The unique water-slide is «Mantana» (another similar one is available only in Japan). The high point of the slides is 21 meters. The most part of attractions is available to place groups of 2-4 people. The complex also includes: a wave pool, two entertaining towns for children at the age of 1-4 years and of 5-12 years, the thermal block, various baths and saunas, waterfalls and Jacuzzi, SPA-center, the hotel of 150 numbers with restaurant and conference rooms, a multilevel free parking.

Curling-club «The Penguin»
Stancionnaya St., 102
+7 (383) 286-98-34

Curling-club «The Penguin» is one of the most modern multipurpose complexes in Siberia for cultural and entertainment events. It has a modern ice rink for curling which consists of 4 game paths completely conforming to professional requirements and cozy café-bar with the capacity of 76 places for banquet guests and up to 100 persons for cocktails. Curling-club «The Penguin» gives Siberian people opportunities to relax and have a great time with their families, friends and colleagues. If you are not familiar with this new kind of entertainment yet then you should hurry to us. We’ll make our acquaintance bright and impressive! Remember, curling is a game for everyone!

Ski centers

In southeast part of the Novosibirsk region on spurs of Salair Ridge, there are several tops, suitable for downhill skiing. The Ski centers «Novososedovo», «Gorniy», «Yurmanka», «Pihtovy Greben», «Klyuchi», «Koltsovo», a sports complex «Inya», sport center «Albatross», a snowboard park «Na Gorskoy». All of them are equipped with modern lifting devices (rope tow, Doppel-mayer, «Baby elevators»), there are ratraks, and some centers have snowmakers for artificial snow.

«Novososedovo» —,
«Yurmanka» —,
«Inya» —

Ob river promenade

Ob river promenade is one of the oldest parts of the city. The first bridge through the river has been built here in 1893, and the first park, called «City Beginning», is still located exactly here. The old bridge is destroyed now. The only one flight of it was left on the embankment, and the monument to Alexander III was built near it. Here it is possible to have a snack in a cozy cafe, to visit children's attractions and to drive karting. In summer you can take a water-walk on motor ship which goes down the river Ob to the island «Korablik» (the Ship) where it is possible to descend on the coast to have a rest, bathe and then go back, using following motor ship, convenient in time.

The Ob Sea

The Ob Sea, as it is called by inhabitants (extent about 200 km), has a set of recreation facilities, boarding houses and children's recreation camps on its coasts. In winter the Ob Sea is attractive to fans of active and extreme rest – paraplanerism, snowkiting, driving on an iceboat, etc. In summer the inhabitants and guests of the area have an opportunity to sweep and have a rest on a walking boat down the river Ob and the sea.


In recent years, the Novosibirsk region has declared itself as a major tourist center of Siberia. The region has a stable favorable environmental situation. There is preserved historical, culture and nature monuments.

There is everything for a good rest: rich nature, modern recreational areas, mineral springs and therapeutic mud, thousands of salt and fresh lakes, hunting and fishing grounds, ski slopes, river rafting and many other places and activities that will allow you to spend time at any time of the year. The Novosibirsk region is a wonderful region for any traveler!

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