Phyto-Sanitary Control

The Rules of import of regulated products cover the regulated products imported to the territory of the Russian Federation, included in the list of regulated products (quarantine cargo, quarantine materials, quarantine goods) subjected to quarantine of the phyto-sanitary control (supervision)
at the customs border of the Customs Union and the customs territory of the Customs Union, approved by the Resolution №318 of the Commission of the Customs Union from June 18, 2010 (hereinafter, the Regulated Products):

  • Imported Regulated Products must be free of quarantine objects in a viable condition on the list of quarantine objects (plant pests, plant pathogens and plants (weeds));
  • Each consignment of Regulated Products (quarantine materials, quarantine cargo) of high
    phyto-sanitary risk, imported on the territory of the Russian Federation or transported from the territory of the Russian Federation, must be accompanied by a phyto-sanitary certificate;
  • Potted plants and plants with closed root system must be brought into the territory of the Russian Federation in a nutritious substrate free of quarantine harmful organisms;
  • Import into the territory of the Russian Federation of plants with a lump of soil from the zones, places and/or land production, recognized as free of quarantine harmful organisms, is allowed subject to the phyto-sanitary control that includes mandatory laboratory testing of soil samples on a whole range of quarantine objects that can be distributed with soil;
  • Import of seed, planting and potato in checked baggage, carry-on baggage and mail without being accompanied by a phyto-sanitary certificate is prohibited;
  • Import of 1-2 bouquets of fresh flowers is allowed without being accompanied by a phyto-sanitary certificate in carry-on baggage, checked baggage and mail based on the results of the quarantine phyto-sanitary control;
  • Low-risk phyto-sanitary products are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation without phyto-sanitary certificates of a country-exporter;
  • When exporting quarantine products from the Novosibirsk region outside the Russian Federation, a phyto-sanitary certificate is issued by the Department of Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation in the Novosibirsk region;
  • A phyto-sanitary certificate is valid for 30 days, for exporting of quarantine products into the EU member countries — for no more than 14 days from the date of issuing until the date when the Regulated Products cross the state border of the Russian Federation.


All questions concerning import and export of the Regulated Products, please contact the Quarantine Phyto-Sanitary Control at the state border of the Russian Federation of the Department of Rosselkhoznadzor of the Russian Federation in the Novosibirsk region:

  • +7 (383) 216-98-86, 220-02-02(24 hours)
  • +7 (383) 315-27-62 from 8-30 till 17-30, off-Saturday, Sunday