For persons with reduced mobility

Please note that the decision on the possibility of making the flight by a passenger with disabilities is taken by the physician caring for such passenger or a representative of the airline operating the flight, who take into account several factors: the medical condition of the passenger, need for special equipment, restrictions on the number of passengers of this category on one flight. If you or your relatives are going to take a flight and belong to this category of passengers, please inform about that when booking your ticket.

Upon arrival at the airport, after undergoing security screening at the entrance to the terminal building you may proceed to the check-in without requiring assistance or seek the necessary assistance in the first aid room on the ground floor of the domestic terminal arrival block (Terminal A). The first aid room staff will advise passengers on medical contraindications in relation to using air transport and provide assistance with boarding and unboarding the aircraft for the disabled and sick passengers and passengers with limited mobility, using an ambulance or ambulift and accompanied by a healthcare professional. In addition, such passengers, if necessary, will be provided assistance with the check-in, customs and border clearance and baggage check-in and delivery.

The infrastructure of Novosibirsk International Airport (Tolmachevo) is improved to meet the demands of passengers with reduced mobility.
The following is available for your convenience in the airport:

  • special parking slots for the cars of passengers with disabilities;
  • access ramps at the entrance to Terminals A and B;
  • special toilets;
  • lifts in Terminals A and B for wheelchair passengers with the lift cabins having grabrails and call buttons located on the accessible height;
  • special waiting area in Terminal A for passengers with disabilities (located near the first aid room);
  • the entrance to the gallery where Terminal A departure gates are located is equipped with an elevating ramp;
  • the interfloor staircase in the sterile area of Terminal A departure lounge is equipped with an elevating ramp;
  • conventional wheelchairs for traveling inside the terminal building (available in the first aid room);
  • narrow aisle wheelchairs for moving inside the cabin of aircraft (available in the first aid room).

For all inquiries relating to the airport services for passengers with reduced mobility please contact Tolmachevo Airport passengers and crew health care service:

  • +7 (383) 216-98-14
  • +7 (383) 216-97-57