Mother-and-child room

Designed for passengers with children under 7 years of age, disabled children up to 14 years of age, women in the second half of pregnancy.

The priority right of service in the mother-and-child room is given to passengers with infants and passengers with two or more children, disabled children up to 14 years.

No fee is charged for staying in the mother-and-child room.

Working hours — 24 hours a day.

The mother-and-child room has:

  • Kitchen equipped with a fridge, microwave, baby chairs for feeding. Disposable tableware.
  • Bedrooms, equipped with cots and changing tables.
  • Playroom, equipped with a labyrinth, children’s slide, tables and chairs, sofa, armchairs, TV.
  • Hall, equipped with tables, chairs, wardrobe for clothes, stand-rack, closet with bins for carry-on baggage and a TV. At the entrance, shoe covers are issued.
  • There is also a washroom and bathroom.

Passengers with children are accommodated in the mother-and-child room after showing a passport, child’s birth certificate, exchange card (for pregnant women) and a ticket or boarding pass.

Passengers with children should be examined by the airport medical staff (Section A, ground floor). Children with identified acute and communicable diseases are not allowed in the mother-and-child room.

Feeding of children is organized by the persons accompanying them.

Use of the mother-and-child room to accommodate adult passengers without children is not allowed.

Preschool children and disabled children up to 14 years old are served accompanied by one adult.

An accompanying person must not leave a child unattended. Drinking alcohol and being intoxicated with alcohol or drugs in the mother-and-child room is prohibited.

Passengers with pets are not allowed in the mother-and-child room.

Passengers are allowed in the mother-and-child room with carry-on baggage only (baggage may be kept at the storage room on the ground floor of Section B (international flights).