Non-Arrival of Baggage

In case of non-arrival of baggage, upon a written request of a passenger, on the basis of carriage documents (boarding pass, ticket, baggage tag), a baggage tracing officer shall immediately take measures to search for checked baggage:

  • directs a message to the airport of departure concerning non-arrival of the baggage (with indication of baggage tags, description of its appearance and contents),
  • sends requests to the airports, where, presumably, erroneously, the baggage might be sent to,
  • sends a request on delivery of the baggage in case of its detection.

If the baggage is found, the passenger gets notified about the details of delivery.

If checked baggage is not found within 21 days, such baggage is considered lost, the passenger is informed about the procedure of submitting a claim.

Baggage Tracing Team opening 24 hours.

  • +7 (383) 216-97-66 (Terminal А)
  • +7 (383) 216-97-62 (Terminal B)