Oversized Baggage

Transportation of Oversized Baggage, Large Items, Household Pets and Birds

Transportation of oversized baggage, large items, household pets, except for guide dogs, dogs following with a passenger deprived of vision, is charged at rates established by the carrier. Transportation of the mentioned baggage is charged on the basis of its actual weight at the carrier’s established tariffs regardless of other things of the passenger transported as baggage.

Baggage with a Declared Value

A passenger has the right to declare the value of the checked baggage. The value of the checked baggage is declared for each piece of the baggage separately.

Carriage of the baggage with a declared value is performed for a fee the amount of which is set by the carrier.

Each piece of checked baggage must be properly packaged, ensuring its safety during transportation and processing, excluding injury to passengers, to crew members, to third persons, aircraft damage, other passengers’ baggage or other property. Luggage that does not match the requirements for carriage shall not be accepted.