General information

Tolmachevo Catering LLC is the flight catering operator at Novosibirsk International Airport.

Tolmachevo Catering LLC is a joint project of Airport Tolmachevo JSC and a leading global manufacturer and operator in the field of flight catering — LSG Lufthansa Service Europa/Afrika GmbH (LSG Sky Chefs).

The company has passed necessary certification and provides a full range of qualitative flight catering services. Qualified personnel of Tolmachevo Catering LLC are certified in accordance with international standards. International standards of quality control system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are being applied during the meals production process thus ensuring strict control over the quality and health safety.


The company guarantees safety and reliability of products and offers its customers the maximum range of services providing airlines with qualitative on-board meals, including hot meals, desserts, snacks, breakfasts and lunches.

Tomas Muncel, the exclusive chef of LSG Sky Chefs for Eastern Europe/Africa is taking care of the variety and quality of Tolmachevo Catering meals.

The menu, composed by the leading chefs of LSG Sky Chefs, includes dishes of various world cuisines as well as special meals:

  • vegetarian;
  • low-calorie;
  • children’s;
  • muslim, etc.


The catering facility is equipped with modern high-tech units including deep freezing refrigeration chambers which allow storage of ingredients up to 6 months, and Blast chillers which keep taste and quality of prepared meals.

Total facility area

996 sq.m.

Rated performance capacity

3000 meals per day

Preparation and delivery of meals to the aircraft is carried out using modern equipment:

  • Highloaders for catering delivery (ISUZU WGSP60)
  • Cargo minivan
  • Universal washing machine with heat recovery system VAPOSTOP — Hobart Profi UXT-GHN
  • Hobart Tunnel dishwasher for washing dishes in boxes CN Profi (rotatable design 90 º) with the test system SEF 09/081
  • Tenderizer — Koneteollisuus Oy model KT-PK
  • Combi steamers RATIONAL SCC-101



+7 (383) 216-98-90

General Director

Pribylov Aleksandr

Customer Service
Manager (Airlines)

Yazvenko Nina


+7 (383) 216-99-31

Production manager

+7 (383) 216-96-83


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