Regional Air Service

Noticeably, there is steadily growing demand for regional air connection in recent years as the liberalization of the global aviation market takes place and rapid expansion of the airlines striving to build up a brand new network of regional air service becomes more apparent.

Currently, the majority of regional flights in Russia are performed due to the state support projects in force as an equivalent to the Essential Routes Programmes involving the use of public funding in order to ensure a limited “kick-start” to new air services.

Among which is RF Government Regulation No.1242 of December 25, 2013 “On Subsidies Granting from the Federal Budget to the Air Carriers in order to Perform Regional Passenger Air Service within RF Territory and to Develop RF Regional Route Network” applied within the framework of the government subsidy programme of the regional flights development.

For its part, NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport gives particular emphasis on the regional aviation development as well. In order to provide assistance to those carriers which operate regional passenger flights from Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo Airport JSC applies the incentive programme in compliance with the special provision. Such encouraging of new air routes contributes to considerable better air connections between Novosibirsk and the cities of Siberia and the Urals which were lost more than 10 years ago and now have been restored.

Development of regional route network is one of the priority areas of NOVOSIBIRSK International  Airport (Tolmachevo). Due to the opening of regional flights, transfer passengers are able to use an extensive route network of NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport which covers over 90 destinations in Russia and abroad.

Regional route map from Novosibirsk International Airport (July 2014)

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