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Tolmachevo Airport’s Summer Flight Schedule Tolmachevo Airport’s Summer Flight Schedule

From 31 March a summer schedule with the opening of new flights, resumption of seasonal routes and increase in flights frequency in a number of destinations is effective at Tolmachevo airport.

31 january 2008

Summer season opens with new routes from Tolmachevo.

Tolmachevo International airport (Novosibirsk) forms the schedule for the up-coming summer season.

21 january 2008

Governor of Novosibirsk visited cargo terminal of Tolmachevo airport.

On January 15 Governor of Novosibirsk, Mr. Victor Tolokonsky, visited new cargo terminal of Tolmachevo airport.

21 january 2008

Vladimir Nikonov:” Tolmachevo will additionally get 200 million rubles for the construction of Runway-2”.

Interview of Vice-Governor of Novosibirsk region, Vladimir Nikonov, to “Commersant”(Zapadnaya Sibir, 18 January 2008) from the meeting, which took place in Rosaviation.

17 december 2007

Alexei Chertenkov: "It is the State, who should invest in aerodrome development".

Alexei Chertenkov, General Director of JSC "Tolmachevo Airport", and Victor Tolokonsky, Governor of Novosibirsk region, shared their opinion in respect of the perspective of Tolmachevo Federal Block of Shares transfer into the region's property.

17 december 2007

Alexei Chertenkov: "I am sure in Tolmachevo perspectives".

Alexei Chertenkov, General Director of JSC "Tolmachevo airport" has commented the announcement of AirUnion management to create a hub on "Emelianovo" airport base.

17 december 2007

Tolmachevo opened Cargo Terminal.

Presentation of the first stage of Cargo Terminal at Tolmachevo International Airport took place on December 10.

16 november 2007

Eurasian Bank will support the reconstruction of Tolmachevo International airport.

The agreement between Eurasian bank and administration of Novosibirsk region was signed during the Forum of border regions of Russia and Kazakhstan, held in Novosibirsk in October 3-5.

10 october 2007

Tolmachevo Airport’s Delegation Took Part in the Routes-2007.

Management of JSC Tolmachevo Airport took part in 13-th World Route Development Forum held in Stockholm on September 23-25.

10 september 2007

Tolmachevo airport offers new service for consignors.

"Tolmachevo-Terminal-Service" has started the exploitation of new on-line cargo tracing system, when it departures from company's warehouse.

10 september 2007

Tolmachevo airport has signed a contract for 170 million rubles (has taken a loan).

Bank Societe General Vostok (BSGV) has accommodated JSC "Tolmachevo Airport" with 170 million rubles loan for five years. Borrowed funds will be invested in financing of second step of Domestic Flight Terminal reconstruction.

8 august 2007

Tolmachevo airport is ready to be a base for a new regional airline.

Tolmachevo airport is ready to be a base for a new regional airline. It was declared by Alexei Chertenkov, General Director of JSC "Tolmachevo airport".

25 july 2007

Session of Russian Aviation Industry Club of Commanders chaired by Tolmachevo Airport Director General Alexey Chertenkov.

On July 13-14, 2007 Novosibirsk became the venue of XXXIV Session of Russian Aviation Industry Club of Commanders (CC-34) chaired by Tolmachevo Airport Director General Alexey Chertenkov. The time of the event coincided with a celebration of Tolmachevo Airport 50-years anniversary.

24 july 2007

Cooperation between airport Tolmachevo and Korean Asiana Airlines has started

Aircraft Boeing 747-400F belonging to South Korean “Asiana Airlines” has for the first time landed in Airport Tolmachevo (OVB) on the 5th of October, 2003. From that day freighters via Novosibirsk to the countries of Western Europe will be performed regularly. This will enable Airport Tolmachevo get the additional income and South Korean airlines obtain reduced distance on the transcontinental route and fuel savings.

24 july 2007

Airport Tolmachevo is developing regional airlines

On the 24-th of October the 9-th conference of travel companies – Workshop STI – was held in Novosibirsk. There were 77 participants from Novosibirsk, Altai Region, Kemerovo, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Greece, Dubai, Spain, Kazahstan, Thailand, Czech Republic, Switzerland. The wide range of tourist destinations was represented. This demonstrates the interest in constantly growing tourist market of Novosibirsk.

24 july 2007

Boeing 777-300 ER will land in Airport Tolmachevo for the first time

Boeing 777-300 ER will land in Airport Tolmachevo during the test ETOPS-flights. Boeing 777-300 ER is the largest aircraft of “Triple Seven” family. Besides the crew there will be specialists onboard, who will make the survey of airports services. Also the negotiations will be carried on between airport authorities and the representative of “Boeing” company.

24 july 2007

A.Borodin - laureate of prize "Russian national Olympus"

Alexandr Vladimirovich Borodin, counselor of privity minister, became a laureate of the "Russian National Olympus" prize in nomination "Top manager 2002-2003". The awarding took place on November 18 in the State Kremlin Palace.

24 july 2007

Boeing chooses Tolmachevo Airport

New aircraft Boeing-777-300 ER has made a technical stop in Tolmachevo Airport. The new aircraft is flying according to the program "Global". Actually it is so to say breaking-in of all details of the most modern machine of one of the biggest world aircraft constructer. The equipment is breaking-in in all regions of the world –in hot weather, cold and high humidity environments.

24 july 2007

Earlier “Transaero” in Novosibirsk

On the 6th of January 2004 “Transaero” airlines Boeing-767-300 landed in “Tolmachevo” airport. It was trial flight of such type aircraft in Novosibirsk. Earlier “Transaero” operated regular schedule flights on Boeing-737.

24 july 2007

The Boeing Lufthansa has landed in Tolmachevo

On the 16-th of April at 14:20 local time, the Boeing Lufthansa has made an emergency landing in international airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk.

24 july 2007

2004 Volga - Dnepr has arrived seriously and for a long time

Within the framework of performance of the cargo program transit from China to Europe it was the first landing the cargo plane Boeing-747-200 of Volga-Dnepr airlines at night with April 23 on April 24 at Airport Tolmachevo. Before the airport already accepted separate flights AN-124 Ruslan this airline, regular service of flights now is adjusted.

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