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New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo

August 29, we inaugurated at the airport Tolmachevo a new factory complex for in-flight catering. We would like to remind you, that the event dedicated to the beginning of the construction of the new complex was held exactly a year ago — on August 29, 2018.

13 january 2012

International passenger traffic is on the increase

International passenger traffic increased by 44,7 % as compared with last year.

11 january 2012

The strong growth

Tolmachevo Airport has summarized the results of december activities and of the whole 2011. A significant increase in all indicators shows that the successful development of one of the largest Russian airport continues.

10 january 2012

Christmas Eve 2012 in Tolmachevo

January 6 2012 Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) received the world's largest aircraft AN-225 "Mriya".

16 december 2011

The path of development until 2018 The path of development until 2018

December 16 Airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) and the Federal Air Transport Agency signed an agreement on co-investment in construction and reconstruction of the airport complex.

28 november 2011

Tolmachevo - The first in Russia Tolmachevo - The first in Russia

November 26, Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) became the first Russian airport, which took a new type of the largest commercial cargo aircraft Boeing 747-8 of the Luxembourg airline Cargolux.

5 october 2011

Tolmachevo perspectives Tolmachevo perspectives

At The 17th World Route Development Forum in Berlin (Germany) delegation of Novosibirsk airport (Tolmachevo) held talks with new airlines about opening of new routes and prospects for cooperation.

3 october 2011

Tolmachevo Airport: The first results of The 17th World Route Development Forum Tolmachevo Airport: The first results of The 17th World Route Development Forum

Delegation of Tolmachevo Airport, headed by CEO Alexander BORODIN participated in The 17th World Routes Development Forum, held in Berlin (Germany). One of the first results was a contract with the Airport Strategy and Marketing Ltd - a world leader in strategic aviation planning.

19 july 2011

MAN - Member of the Transport Workers of Siberia

Cargo terminal operator at the airport Tolmachevo «International Airport Novosibirsk" admitted to the Union transport, freight forwarders and logistics Siberia.

14 july 2011

From Tolmachevo in summer From Tolmachevo in summer

In the first half of 2011, there has been a substantial increase in passenger traffic in tourist areas.

7 july 2011

New new types of aircraft in Tolmachevo

Airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) is allowed to accept new types of aircraft: AN-148, Fokker-100 and Pilatus-12.

4 july 2011

Tolmachevo summarized the first half-year

Operating results for the first six months of 2011 year were summed up at the airport Tolmachevo.

27 june 2011


The opening of new routes will be coordinated with the tour operators.

22 june 2011

The development of freight carriages was discussed in Tolmachevo

The specialists of JSC “Airport Tolmachevo” and LLC “International airport Novosibirsk” (cargo operator for airport Novosibirsk) had a meeting with the representatives of Novosibirsk logistic companies.

20 june 2011

New check-in desks started operating in test phase

A new system of luggage handling and passengers check-in started operating in test phase at the airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo).

17 june 2011

Tolmachevo Expands the List of Handled Aircraft Types

Airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) got the permission for accepting and handling the new Russian passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100.

7 june 2011

The millionth passenger will be served at the airport Tolmachevo one month earlier

The economic development results in May at the airport Tolmachevo were totaled. According to the results the positive working dynamic of the enterprise is being kept on.

7 june 2011

Summer flights from Tolmachevo

JSC "Airport Tolmachevo” together with air carriers expands its route network.

6 june 2011

From Tolmachevo to the Northern Greece

Greece aircompany “ASTRA Airlines” started operating regular flights to Saloniki (Greece) from the airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo).

2 june 2011

Routes CIS-2012: specialists studied the possibilities of Tolmachevo

The representatives of international organizations UBM Aviation and The Routes Development Group studied the possibilities of the airport Tolmachevo to be the place of the aviation forum Routes CIS-2012.

31 may 2011

Air Cargo Germany auditor visited airport Tolmachevo

Air Cargo Germany representatives audited the airport for compliance with international quality and security requirements.

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