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Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights

Tolmachevo Airport provides an organization of works on the repatriation transfer of Russian citizens from foreign countries and foreign citizens from the territory of Russia on a one-time permit basis with the observance of all requirements, guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

1 may 2020

Tolmachevo Airport Terminal Complex Reconstruction Project

In December last year, a tender for the implementation of stages 2.2 and 3 at the facility: "Reconstruction of the Tolmachevo airport terminal complex" has been won by JSC "Novosibirskasvtodor". In March 2020, an arrangement of a construction camp began, and in April several types of work have been performed on the site: an arrangement of the construction camp, installation of a cement concrete plant and preparatory construction and installation work.

On the site, the soil and vegetation layers have to be removed. The truncated soil and vegetation layers should be stored in special shafts until further use in recultivation process. The ground is being developed for the subsequent construction of the apron, a 10 kV high-voltage line is being removed, and drainage facilities are being installed.

The ELKON QM 135 cement concrete plant has been moved to the construction site of the Tolmachevo airport complex reconstruction facility and the construction of the support facilities has been complete.

In the near future, it is planned to start work on the installation of road coverings on the apron and taxiway RD-N.

According to the Federal state unitary enterprise "AGA(A)", as of the end of April 2020, the facility employs 58 employees and 34 units of equipment. Construction and installation works on the project are being performed in the conditions of the existing airport facilities.

The project "Reconstruction of the Tolmachevo airport terminal complex (city of Novosibirsk)" is being implemented within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of the transport system" and a Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure for the period up to 2024. The public sector customer is the Federal Air Transport Agency, the developer of this object is the Federal state unitary enterprise "Administration of Civil Airports (Aerodromes)", the general contractor for the object is JSC "Novosibirskavtodor". The cost of the work amounts to 3.6 billion rubles, and the deadline is January 2021.

Information sources: the Federal state unitary enterprise "AGA(A)", JSC "Novosibirskavtodor".

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