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Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019 Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019

Last year, the Tolmachevo airport has served 6,747,151 passengers (+14.2%). The number of passengers on domestic flights has amounted to 4,903,212 (+14.5%), and on international flights to 1,843,939 (+13,3%).

20 november 2019

Rosaviatsiya Published a List of Subsidized Regional Destinations for 2020

Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya) has published a list of regional routes to be subsidised in 2020.

The number of subsidised regional routes from Novosibirsk will stay at the level of 19 destinations. Salekhard will be added to the routes subsidised in 2019, which are Voronezh, Gorno-Altaisk, Kyzyl, Nadym, Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novokuznetsk, Perm, Severo-Yeniseisk, Strezhevoy, Surgut, Tomsk and Khanty-Mansisk. Besides, new regional routes for Tolmachevo regional route network have been included in the list: Barnaul, Kemerovo, Magnitogorsk, Nizhnekamsk and Ulyanovsk.

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According to RF Government Decree No.1242, the volume of financial participation of Novosibirsk Region in the national subsidy programme for regional air transportation in 2020 will increase significantly — up to 367.53 mln rubles after 87.53 mln rubles of 2019.

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The Government of Novosibirsk Region supported the plans to develop the airport’s infrastructure and route network. Governor of Novosibirsk Region, Andrey Travnikov stated that the strategic session of the RF Ministry of Transport of 16 November admitted that Tolmachevo Airport was important for the development of inter-regional connection on a scale of Siberia, the Far East, and of the whole country.

Today, Novosibirsk airport ranks second in the country after Moscow hub in terms of the transfer passenger traffic. Tolmachevo shows good growth of this indicator. So, if compared with 2017, the transfer passenger traffic of the last year increased by 35% and reached 1.36 mln passengers. According to the results of 2019, transfer passenger traffic is expected to increase to 1.8 mln passengers (+32%), which is more than 27% share of the total passenger traffic. Since 2014, the number of practically used combinations for transfer connections in Tolmachevo increased by six times and reached 2,300.

The development of Tolmachevo as a hub allows maintaining outperforming growth rates in passenger flow as compared with Russian aviation sector rates, providing the achievement of goals stipulated in the May Order of the President to increase the share of direct inter-regional connections avoiding Moscow.

The efficiency of use of federal budget funds for subsidising regional air transportation programmes (by the orders No. 215 and No.1242), when combining them in the hub, increase by 15-20%. It is provided by the decrease of a specific subsidy amount for one transported passenger due to high load of flights. Transfer connections through a geographically convenient hub in the centre of the country make it possible to reduce flight fares for passengers by 30-50% compared to transfer routes through Moscow. Direct connections to Tolmachevo increase transport availability, so residents of remote regions can fly to more than 95 destinations via Novosibirsk with a comfortable transfer schedule. With the opening of new destinations in 2020, the total number of routes from the airport will exceed 100.

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Further development of Tolmachevo will boost its position of a huge passenger hub in the centre of the country, as well as a transit cargo logistics centre, increase a share of RF non-resource export volumes, particularly by provision of Air Navigation Services on the market of China-Europe transit refuelling landings.

The Novosibirsk International Airport (Tolmachevo) named after A.I. Pokryshkin is the largest transit air hub beyond the Urals on the most important routes between Europe and Asia. At the end of 2018, the airport has served about 5,909 million passengers. The airport's route network includes more than 95 flight destinations. Today, the airport is offering for passengers more than 2300 practical combinations of pairs of connecting routes.

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