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Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019 Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019

Last year, the Tolmachevo airport has served 6,747,151 passengers (+14.2%). The number of passengers on domestic flights has amounted to 4,903,212 (+14.5%), and on international flights to 1,843,939 (+13,3%).

20 september 2019

Tolmachevo Helds Opening Ceremony of Alexander Pokryshkin Bust

This event has been devoted to a bust unveiling ceremony of the Triple Hero of the Soviet Union, Air Marshal, a Citizen of Honour of Novosibirsk Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin, held on September 20 in the connecting gallery of the airport complex. The ceremony has been accompanied by a guard of honour of military servicemen of the Siberian district of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

The unveiling ceremony has been attended by representatives of the local authorities, of the Museum of Novosibirsk, the Local History Museum, the Museum of Architectural History, the Public chamber, the Russian Historical Society, cadets of the Siberian Aviation Cadet Corps named after Alexandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin, media professionals, as well as the employees of the Tolmachevo airport.

The bust has been received by the airport as a gift from the head of the project "Alley of Russian Glory" Mr. Mikhail Serdyukov in honor of the Tolmachevo airport named after Alexandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin in the framework of the project "Great Names of Russia", with an assistance of the Museum of Novosibirsk.

The unveiling date of the bust has been chosen not by coincidence — in the twenties of September 1944, the Triple Hero of the Soviet Union, guards colonel Mr. Alexander Pokryshkin had arrived on a short-term leave in Novosibirsk, where he had met with his family, friends and countrymen.

The audience has noted that the unveiling ceremony of the bust is one of the landmark events in the history of the Tolmachevo airport. In turn, the organizers of the event have expressed a hope that the young rising generation would enthusiastically accept this initiative and would want to learn about their roots, the great power and glory of the Russian people, about their historical heritage.

In addition to the bust of Alexandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin, a thematic exhibition has been opened at the airport, which includes materials provided by the Museum of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk State Local History Museum, Museum of the History of Architecture of Siberia named after Sergey Nikolaevich Balandin. The exhibition has been created in cooperation with the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts.

We would like to remind you, that a large-scale construction of a new terminal complex Tolmachevo airport should begin in the near future. Its architectural concept shall reflect not only the development of Novosibirsk as a major scientific center, but also the glorious past of our region. In particular, one of the features of the new complex will be a historical component dedicated to the famous countryman — the legendary pilot Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin.

The Great Names Of Russia is a national competition, this competition was held from October 11 to December 23, 2018. The main stages have included the drafting of regional proposals based on the results of public discussions in the public chambers of the Russian Federation, a compilation of expanded regional lists, the sociological survey of All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) and a compilation of shortlists, as well as the all-Russian final vote. The list of winners is including representatives of different eras and occupations, including artists and writers, scientists and engineers, pilots and astronauts, government and public figures, pioneers and researchers, generals and military heroes.

The purpose of the Alley of Russian Glory project is to revive the Patriotic spirit of the Russian people. The authors of the project consider the Patriotic education as a source and means of spiritual, political and economic revival of the country, its state integrity and security. The implementator of the idea of the project, Mr. Mikhail Serdyukov, is the head of the sculpture workshop, which is ready to produce and install free of charge on the territory of Russia and other countries busts of citizens who glorified Russia, made of bronze, as well as reinforced concrete, painted as bronze, copper and antique style. To date, 70 busts have been installed as part of the "Alley of Russian Glory" project.

The Novosibirsk International Airport (Tolmachevo) named after A.I. Pokryshkin is the largest transit air hub beyond the Urals on the most important routes between Europe and Asia. At the end of 2018, the airport has served about 5,909 million passengers. The airport's route network includes more than 95 flight destinations. Today, the airport is offering for passengers more than 2,300 practical combinations of pairs of connecting routes.

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