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New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo

August 29, we inaugurated at the airport Tolmachevo a new factory complex for in-flight catering. We would like to remind you, that the event dedicated to the beginning of the construction of the new complex was held exactly a year ago — on August 29, 2018.

27 february 2019

Mintrans of Russia Has Introduced Change in the Procedure of E-Boarding Pass Use

From 24 February the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated 14.01.2019 No. 7 ("On introduction of amendments to some regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on the use of electronically issued boarding passes") regulating the boarding rules came into effect in Russia.

According to the new rules, passengers of Russian airports are given a possibility to present an electronic boarding pass on the screen of a mobile device when passing to the sterile area of the airport and boarding the plane. The possibility of using a boarding pass issued on paper remains. This is especially important for citizens who use air transport for business trips and report on them to the employer.

The e-boarding pass is sent to the passenger by the airlines at self-online check-in for the flight. Boarding pass contains the initials and surname of the passenger, flight number, departure date, time of closing of the aircraft boarding, boarding gate number, seat number on board. If necessary, additional information may be indicated.

The new technology can be used at airports in case information system includes an electronic inspection database and a device that scans a special code is available.

Tolmachevo airport plans to introduce this service and is currently engaged in the implementation of the system and equipment.

Presently, passengers of Tolmachevo airport according to their choice have the right either to print out the e-boarding pass on their own before the trip or in the airport at the registration desk, or by using special devices. Mobile boarding pass printing kiosks are located on the first and second floors of Section A (domestic airlines) and on the first floor of Section B (international airlines) of the passenger terminal.

Novosibirsk international airport (Tolmachevo) is the largest transit air hub behind the Urals on the most important routes between Europe and Asia. In 2018, the airport served 5,909 million passengers. The airport route network includes more than 95 flight destinations. As of today, the airport offers passengers over 2,000 practically used combinations of pairs of connected flights.

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