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Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019 Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019

Last year, the Tolmachevo airport has served 6,747,151 passengers (+14.2%). The number of passengers on domestic flights has amounted to 4,903,212 (+14.5%), and on international flights to 1,843,939 (+13,3%).

29 january 2019

Airport Tolmachevo Is Working on Execution of the May Decree of the RF President

According to the presidential decree dated May 7, 2018 "On national goals and strategic objectives of the country development for the period up to 2024", the priorities are reconstruction of regional airports and "expansion of the interregional regular passenger air routes network, bypassing Moscow, up to 50% of the total number of domestic regular air routes".

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Following the results of 2018 there is positive dynamics in terms of passenger traffic on regional destinations from Tolmachevo, including the airports of the Novaport Holding.

In particular, the number of passengers transported to Chita increased from 61 thousand in 2017 to 68 thousand in 2018. There has been an increase in frequency to the daily one since the summer of last year. S7 Airlines operates the flights on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft.

In 2018, there was an increase in flights frequency to Ulan Ude, from 2 to 4 times a week, and the number of passengers increased from 19 thousand in 2017 to 24.8 thousand in 2018. S7 Airline operates both Embraer 170 and Airbus A320 on this destination. Iraero airline company used CRJ-200. It is worth mentioning that it is planned to operate 5 flights a week on this destination since February of this year, and up to 7 since June.

Chelyabinsk also showed growth: from 6.4 thousand passengers in 2017 to 23.5 thousand passengers in 2018. The number of frequencies on this destination has doubled, from 2 to 4 times a week. S7 Airlines operates flights to Chelyabinsk on Embraer 170 aircraft. Since June this year flights frequency will be increased to the daily one.

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Passenger traffic on the Novosibirsk – Perm route increased from 4 thousand passengers in 2017 to 14.3 thousand passengers in 2018. Perm became a new destination of the regional route network of Tolmachevo airport in 2017. As of today, flights frequency on this destination has increased from 2 to 3 times a week. S7 Airlines serves this destination on Embraer 170.

Since June 2018, flights from Novosibirsk to Tomsk have been resumed; S7 Airlines has operated flights with three frequencies a week on Embraer 170 aircraft. Sila and Angara airlines also operated flights in 2018. Passenger traffic on this route increased from 1.2 thousand in 2017 to 7.3 thousand in 2018.

Passenger traffic to/from Tyumen increased from 40.3 thousand passengers in 2017 to 44.6 thousand passengers in 2018. S7 Airlines with 4 frequencies a week (instead of 3 in 2017) operates flights on this route on Embraer 170 as well as Yamal does with 4 frequencies a week (increased from 3 in 2017) on SSJ-100.

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Tolmachevo airport offers its passengers departing from these cities suitable connections for flights to the cities of Eastern Siberia and the Far East as well as to Central Asia, China, South-East Asia, bypassing Moscow air hub airports.

The number of transfer connection combinations with a transfer in Tolmachevo practically used by passengers amounted more than 2000 in August 2018, which is by 84% more versus the same period of 2017.

NOVOSIBIRSK International Airport is the largest air hub east of the Urals on the main air routes between Europe and Asia. The capacity of domestic terminal makes up to 1,800 passengers per hour, and international terminal capacity is 1,300 passengers per hour. The airport has two runways of ICAO I and II categories.

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