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New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo

August 29, we inaugurated at the airport Tolmachevo a new factory complex for in-flight catering. We would like to remind you, that the event dedicated to the beginning of the construction of the new complex was held exactly a year ago — on August 29, 2018.

7 december 2017

Ordos – New Route to China from Novosibirsk

Since December 4 the Ural Airlines began to operate direct flights on Ordos – Novosibirsk – Ordos route.

Photo by Andrey Dobysh

Flight U6 899 takes off from Novosibirsk to Ordos on Mondays at 09:45. The return flight U6 900 takes off from Ordos on Tuesdays at 03:25. Local time is indicated for each airport. Flight schedule is actual until March 19, 2018. Flights are operated by Airbus A320 aircraft.

Photo by Ivan Ermolin

Ordos is an urban district located in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in the north of the People’s Republic of China. In translation from Mongolian «Ordos» means «Palace». This is an absolutely new direction of cultural and ethnic tourism for Russians. Guests are offered bus tours of sand dunes, Oriental Practices, colorful shows with the participation of indigenous people, etc.

Ural Airlines is one of the leading Russian air companies in terms of traffic volume for January-November 2017. Following the results of 11 months of 2017, the airline carried 7.4 million passengers, the geography of flights amounts more than 200 destinations. The aircraft fleet of Ural Airlines consists of Airbus aircraft. Today, the carrier operates 43 airliners (23 A320, 13 A321 and 7 A319).

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