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New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo New Factory Complex for In-flight Catering Opened at Tolmachevo

August 29, we inaugurated at the airport Tolmachevo a new factory complex for in-flight catering. We would like to remind you, that the event dedicated to the beginning of the construction of the new complex was held exactly a year ago — on August 29, 2018.

30 january 2009

JSC Tolmachevo Airport decreased cost of an aviation fuel.

JSC “Tolmachevo Airport" decreased cost of an aviation fuel for aircrafts by 16 percent since 15 November.
Depreciation of aviation fuel is result of hard line of President and Government of Russia in questions of fuel supply. The Government obliged the oil companies to bring domestic prices of oil in balance with world one.

At present the price of an aviation fuel in Tolmachevo Airport is 25 298 rub./ton (VAT is included). Thus, cost of an aviation fuel “in aircraft wing” in Tolmachevo International Airport decreased on 5100 rub./ton, and is one of the lowest in Siberian region (it includes the airports of Tomsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Omsk where the largest oil refining factory in Russia is located).

The regular depreciation of aviation fuel became the fourth during September. Since beginning of September cost of an aviation fuel in Tolmachevo Airport decreased on 8100 rub./ton.


Tolmachevo International Airport is the largest airport complex in Siberia and Far East. Stable growth of passenger and cargo traffic during the last several years determined its inclusion in the list of the largest international air hubs of Russian transport system. The main shareholders are Russian Federation in face of Federal Agency for Managing of Federal Property – 51%, CJSC Depositor Clearing Company – 37.8%.

In 2007 the total amount of cargo and mail handled in Tolmachevo International Airport amounted 18,667 tons. The passenger traffic in 2007 increased up to 1,873.5 thousand people. In 2007 Company’s income amounted 2,867.072 million rubles.

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