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Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019 Tolmachevo Airport Passenger Traffic Increased by 838,000 in 2019

Last year, the Tolmachevo airport has served 6,747,151 passengers (+14.2%). The number of passengers on domestic flights has amounted to 4,903,212 (+14.5%), and on international flights to 1,843,939 (+13,3%).

7 may 2008

New international air carrier in «Tolmachevo»

OOO Air Company «Itek Air» (Kirghizstan) began flying on the distance Osh – Novosibirsk – Osh in international airport «Tolmachevo».

The first flight of new air carrier – partner to Novosibirsk became on April, 11 th. Air - craft Boeing – 737 – 200 will fly on this distance every week, on Friday. Flying time consists 2 hours 30 minutes.


An international airport «Tolmachevo» is the biggest transit junction between Europe and Asia. Technical possibilities allow to operate every kind of air crafts (passengers and cargo). The main shareholders are Russian Federation in face of federal agency to manage federal property – 51%, ZAO «Depositor Clearing company» - 37,12%.

About 80 organizations realization cargo and passengers transportation thought the international airport «Tolmachevo». In airport work representatives more than 20 air companies. Last year the most popular international distances became CIS, China, Germany and UAE.

Amount of cargo and mail handling in international airport «Tolmachevo» in the year 2007 – 18 667,3 tons. Amount of passengers in the year 2007 – 1 873 496 people. Income for 2007 – 2 867 072 thousand rubles.

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