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Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights

Tolmachevo Airport provides an organization of works on the repatriation transfer of Russian citizens from foreign countries and foreign citizens from the territory of Russia on a one-time permit basis with the observance of all requirements, guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

24 july 2007

2004 Volga - Dnepr has arrived seriously and for a long time

Within the framework of performance of the cargo program transit from China to Europe it was the first landing the cargo plane Boeing-747-200 of Volga-Dnepr airlines at night with April 23 on April 24 at Airport Tolmachevo. Before the airport already accepted separate flights AN-124 Ruslan this airline, regular service of flights now is adjusted.

The liner fly from Shanghai to Luxembourg has landed in Novosibirsk at 2:50 on local time. It is planned, that since this day the airline will make through Tolmachevo six flights per one week. And as cooperation of the airport with airline in sphere of freight traffic has far-reaching long-term plans, already in the fast future this number can increase up to 8 - 12 flights and are higher.

Volga - Dnepr supervises more than half of world charter transportations of bulky goods. The last year Europe - Southeast Asia - Northern America with intermediate landings in Moscow and Novosibirsk has declared the beginning of realization of the project on creation of cargo airline with a network of regular routes on a line.

In turn, Tolmachevo Administration considers, that development of the air enterprise as cargo hab has the greatest prospects at its further integration in world transport system. It is caused as an arrangement of the airport on crossing of transcontinental airways, and the usual conjuncture in the market of air transportations.

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