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Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights Tolmachevo Airport Served 5,000 Passengers on Repatriation Flights

Tolmachevo Airport provides an organization of works on the repatriation transfer of Russian citizens from foreign countries and foreign citizens from the territory of Russia on a one-time permit basis with the observance of all requirements, guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

24 july 2007

Results of Board of directors meeting.

On the 23 of May, the annual report of JSC " Tolmachevo Airport", which will be presented at the annual general assembly of shareholders on the 24 of June, was preliminarily approved at the regular Board of directors' session.

The Board of directors has also recommended the auditor for 2006 to be affirmed at the assembly of shareholders. It is the company " HLB Vneshaudit " which has been working last year and has won the competition again.

Results of the year:

While the growth rates of the Russian Civil aviation have been generally decreasing, Tolmachevo airport has shown a steady dynamics of development, which exceeds the average indexes of growth in the country in many respects. The volume of passenger traffic has increased up to 7 %, income of regular kinds of activity have increased almost on one third, net profit of the enterprise – for more than 72 %.

The total amount of passengers, including direct transit, served in 2005 in JSC " Tolmachevo Airport" comes to 1647,9 thousand people; total aircrafts movements served is 10852.

In comparison with the period of 2005 the quantity of passenger flights has increased up to 479 units. New flights have been opened by " Siberia ", " Aeroflot - RA ", "Pulkovo", "Vladivostok-avia", "Utair" airlines and others.

For the year of 2005 the revenue from regular kinds of activity was 2 121 587 thousand rubles, the net profit amount was 107 073 thousand rubles.

Based on the enterprise activity results for the year of 2005 The Board of directors has recommended the dividends rate to be affirmed on the Annual stockholder's meeting. For equity share it should be 1,47 rubles per one stock, that one and a half times exceeds the index for last three years, and for senior stocks - 6,89 rubles - it is the maximal rate of dividends on the enterprise senior stocks from the date of it's foundation.

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