Temporary storage warehouse

The TSW comprises the first construction priority premises of the Intermodal Cargo Terminal and adjacent outdoor site with asphalt-concrete surfacing.

The complex consists of indoor storage and adjacent area of 576 m2. In the surrounding area there is an outdoor storage site of 192 m2 for heavy and oversize cargo.

The TSW is separated from other premises in the building with a protective net. It has two gates: the external gate to let the cargo get from the adjacent area into the TSW, and the internal gate to let the cargo get into the TSW. The TSW has a customs inspection zone.

The outdoor storage site has an area of 192 m2 and is fenced with corrugated metal sheets 2 m high. It has entrance gates and a covered area for conducting customs inspection of goods and vehicles.

Cargo & Mail Department/Cargo Operations

Igor Knyazhevskiy