Airport history

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The 2010s

April 11, 2010

The Tolmachevo Airport received the world’s largest aircraft, An-225 (Mriya) with the maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons. Travelling along the route Hamburg-Minsk-Novosibirsk-Shiajuang, the plane was transporting to China machine-building equipment weighing 148.5 tons. The An-225 was filled with 85 tons of fuel, while the aircraft of the type of Airbus A320 get about 10 tons before a flight.

September 25, 2010

The Aeroflot Airbus A320 flying from Moscow made its first landing on Runway 2 of the Tolmachevo Airport. The airport was the only airport in the Asian part of Russia which had two runways. The second runway is certified under ICAO Category II and can handle all types of aircraft even in adverse weather conditions.

April 30, 2011

The Tolmachevo Airport became the second Russian airport to receive the largest passenger airliner in the world — Airbus A380. The aircraft can perform non-stop flights to 15,400 km distance and hold up to 525 passengers.

November 26, 2011

The Tolmachevo Airport was the first airport in Russia to receive the largest commercial aircraft Boeing — Boeing 747-8 capable of carrying of up to 134 tons of cargo. The airplane of a cargo airline Cargoluxs made a technical landing in Novosibirsk following from Shanghai to Luxembourg.

December 2011

The airport exceeded the maximum traffic flow record achieved in 1991 and served 2.765 million passengers, according to the year end results.

July 2012

In the Tolmachevo Airport, the world’s first monument to a massive domestic medium-haul avialiner Tu-154 was opened. Installation of the aircraft for permanent station was dedicated to the three significant dates: the 55th anniversary of the Tolmachevo, 40th anniversary of operation of Tu-154 and 20th anniversary of the base airline of the airport — S7.

November 2012

The Tolmachevo Airport for the first time in its history served the 3,000,000th passenger since the beginning of the year. According to the results of 2012, the passenger traffic flow exceeded 3.26 million passengers.

December 2012

The Tolmachevo Airport opened its own shop of onboard catering in cooperation with the world’s leading operator in this field — LSG Sky Chefs, a subsidiary of Lufthansa.