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31 december 2017Main news

Tolmachevo Airport Has Served 5 Millionth Passenger Tolmachevo Airport Has Served 5 Millionth Passenger

On December 31, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport reached a mark of five million passengers, including transit and transfer passengers, having served a record number of passengers in the history of the airport since the beginning of the year.

24 july 2007

A.Borodin - laureate of prize "Russian national Olympus"

Alexandr Vladimirovich Borodin, counselor of privity minister, became a laureate of the "Russian National Olympus" prize in nomination "Top manager 2002-2003". The awarding took place on November 18 in the State Kremlin Palace.

24 july 2007

Boeing chooses Tolmachevo Airport

New aircraft Boeing-777-300 ER has made a technical stop in Tolmachevo Airport. The new aircraft is flying according to the program "Global". Actually it is so to say breaking-in of all details of the most modern machine of one of the biggest world aircraft constructer. The equipment is breaking-in in all regions of the world –in hot weather, cold and high humidity environments.

24 july 2007

Earlier “Transaero” in Novosibirsk

On the 6th of January 2004 “Transaero” airlines Boeing-767-300 landed in “Tolmachevo” airport. It was trial flight of such type aircraft in Novosibirsk. Earlier “Transaero” operated regular schedule flights on Boeing-737.

24 july 2007

The Boeing Lufthansa has landed in Tolmachevo

On the 16-th of April at 14:20 local time, the Boeing Lufthansa has made an emergency landing in international airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk.

24 july 2007

2004 Volga - Dnepr has arrived seriously and for a long time

Within the framework of performance of the cargo program transit from China to Europe it was the first landing the cargo plane Boeing-747-200 of Volga-Dnepr airlines at night with April 23 on April 24 at Airport Tolmachevo. Before the airport already accepted separate flights AN-124 Ruslan this airline, regular service of flights now is adjusted.

24 july 2007

New equipment

Airport Tolmachevo has recently received a new container and pallet high-loader produced by the German company TREPEL. Self-propelled machines of similar class had never been used in the West Siberian airports before.

24 july 2007

Minister of transportation Levitin I.E. visits Tolmachevo airport

Minister of transportation Igor Levitin visited Novosibirsk on the 17th of March. Tolmachevo airport was one of the places he planned to visit during his business trip. Minister got acquainted with the process of reconstruction, visited local flights terminal and held the confer-ence where the perspectives of the JSC "Tolmachevo airport" were discussed.

24 july 2007

Tolmachevo launches the system of controlled entry – "Park-time"

"Park-time", controlled entry to airport land side, has become one of the main projects of security improvement at Tolmachevo. "Park-time" will be working in test mode till summer and after determination of all the negative and positive points, it will be launched on permanent basis.

24 july 2007

Tolmachevo airport wins the competition "The best airport of Russia and CIS 2004"

As the result of activities in the year of 2004 Tolmachevo airport surpassed the following airports and aviation enterprises: “Pulkovo” (St. Petersburg), "Koltsovo" (Ekaterinburg), "Borispol" (Kiev, Ukraine), "Tashkent" (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), "Kurumoch" (Samara) and "Emelianovo" (Krasnoyarsk) in the category "Over 1 million handled passengers a year".

24 july 2007

Annual Stockholders meeting of the JSC "Tolmachevo Airport"

Annual Stockholders meeting of the JSC "Tolmachevo Airport" took place on the 23rd of June, 2005. The meeting affirmed the annual report of the company, annual financial report for the year of 2004 and confirmed the auditor for the year of 2005 (close corporation “HLB Vneshaudit”, Moscow).

24 july 2007

Tolmachevo airport is the leader of Russian air transport!

The first solemn ceremony of rewarding by National social award of the Transportation industry “Golden chariot” was held on the 29th of June 2005 in the State Kremlin Palace. The new award was instituted by the Ministry of Trans-portation and the Committee of energy, transport and communications of the Russian State Duma.

24 july 2007

The best from economy to ecology

Once more Tolmachevo airport has approved its status of the best and dynamically developing airport by winning a national public award “Golden Chariot” in nomination “Leader of the air transport” in the end of June. In the package of documents airport had to provide documents concerning the environment and providing ecological security in the airport activities were obligatory.

24 july 2007

Million passenger 2005

On the 18th of August at 5:00 a.m. Tolmachevo airport has registered its million passenger. It was a Novosibirsk citizen Galina Kovaleva flying to Moscow by Transaero.

24 july 2007

Spanish airline Air Plus at Tolmachevo

Airbus A-310 of a Spanish airline Air Plus has made its first landing at Tolmachevo airport for refueling. According to airline management, if the aircraft is handled appropriately by Novosibirsk specialists, Spanish airline will start negotiations about regular technical landings at Tolmachevo. Airport personnel says that airbus refueling has not exceeded the limited time.

24 july 2007

Alexei Chertenkov is appointed as an alternate General Director

Tolmachevo airport Committee of Directors has accepted the resignation of the General director Andrew Lobkin on the meeting on 14th of October due to his election as a Mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city.

24 july 2007

Airport of Novosibirsk will sign an agreement of investment projects realization

Trilateral agreement of cooperation in 2006-2010 will be signed based on state-private partnership by OJSC “Tolmachevo airport”, Administration of Novosibirsk region and “Industrial development” investment group on the 17th of December, 2005.

24 july 2007

The investment group “Industrial development”, a stakeholder of Tolmachevo airport, decided to invest about $280 million in airport development

Just so much is needed according to preliminary calculation in order to realize a project of the new airport complex in Novosibirsk.

24 july 2007

Opening of a large logistical complex near Tolmachevo airport will make it more attractive to carriers of other regions and countries

Official opening ceremony of the first stage of National Logistical park " NLK-Novosibirsk " took place on the 1st of March, in Ob city on the Moscow - Omsk - Novosibirsk federal line.It is the first modern A class warehouse terminal, constructed beyond the Urals and including a full telecommunication infrastructure, the newest system of fire fighting, computer-based system of a warehouse facilities.

24 july 2007

Tolmachevo airport has started to service ATR 42-320 aircrafts

Since 16th May, the flights, which are carried out by Utair airlines on that type of aircraft, became regular. The operating personnel of " Aircraft maintenance center of Tolmachevo " has passed the corresponding training, the airport received the admission on maintenance service for that type of aircrafts.

24 july 2007

Results of Board of directors meeting.

On the 23 of May, the annual report of JSC " Tolmachevo Airport", which will be presented at the annual general assembly of shareholders on the 24 of June, was preliminarily approved at the regular Board of directors' session.

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