General information

ICAO code — UNNT

IATA code — OVB

Timezone: UTC+7, MSK+4


Novosibirsk International Airport is one of the most dynamically developing airports with the federal status, the largest transit hub beyond the Ural mountains on the major routes connecting Europe
and Asia. The geographical position of Novosibirsk International Airport allows it to serve prospective cross-polar routes connecting North America and Asia.

The airport is located 17 km to the West of the centre of Novosibirsk, the administrative center of the Novosibirsk region and the Siberian Federal District. The region of the airport location has a high level of economic development and the maximum population density in the Asian part of Russia — within the radius of 500 km from Novosibirsk International Airport, there are 9 mln people. The need
of the Siberian residents in air transport is growing twice as fast as the average one over Russia.

Due to its favourable location and availability of an extensive route network, Novosibirsk International Airport traditionally maintains a significant number of passengers not only from the Novosibirsk region but also from the surrounding region

Due to its favourable location and availability of an extensive route network, Novosibirsk International Airport traditionally maintains a significant number of passengers not only from
the Novosibirsk region but also from the surrounding region — Tomsk, Kemerovo, the Altai Krai and the Altai Republic.

Concentration of railway, road and water transport routes in Novosibirsk and expansion of trade and economic ties of the Siberian Federal District with foreign and Russian partners contribute to the development of Novosibirsk International Airport as the largest air transport site.


Novosibirsk International Airport has two runways. Technical characteristics of the airfield make it belong to Class A. Novosibirsk International Airport is one of the three airports in the Asian part of Russia, with a runway of ICAO Category II.

The first runway 07/25 is 3597 metres long and 60 metres wide, made of asphalt concrete.
The magnetic landing courses are 72 and 252. Runway 1 is certified according to ICAO Category I. The meteominimum of Runway-1 for both courses ensures landing of aircraft according to ICAO Category I: 60 metres (height) and 800 metres (visibility).

The second runway 16/34 was put into operation in 2010, made of concrete. Its length is 3,602 metres, width — 45 m. The magnetic landing courses are 161 and 341. Runway-2 for both courses provides landing of aircraft according to ICAO Category I (60 m x 800 m), can provide landing of aircraft according to ICAO Category II with the course 161 (30 m x 350 m). Characteristics
of radio-technical and lighting equipment, ATC, runway equipment allow landing of aircraft even in adverse weather conditions that makes Novosibirsk International Airport virtually «all-weather».

Novosibirsk International Airport has the technical possibilities for ground support of all types of aircraft of domestic and foreign production, including the world’s largest passenger aircraft
Airbus A-380, as well as cargo aircraft such as Boeing 747-8F and An-225 (Mriya).

The airfield complex capacity, high-quality surface of the active runways provide a possibility to land all types of aircraft and make up to 40 take-offs and landings per hour (when the average minimum interval is 3 minutes).

On the platform of the airport, there are 62 parking places for aircraft of all operated types, 17 of which are equipped with the system of centralized refueling of aircraft, with performance of 900 cubic metres per hour.


Novosibirsk International Airport provides passengers with a range of services needed to make a trip comfortable and convenient. We are pleased to offer you a wide choice of restaurants, cafes and bars of the famous Russian and Novosibirsk brands (Beerman & Grill, Chashka Kofe, Shokoladnitsa, Coffee House, IL Patio, American Bar and Grill, and Mama Rasha). In the shops at the airport, including the ones of the international duty-free shopping network Runway, passengers can purchase clothing, handbags, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, gifts and souvenirs from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Enhanced comfort halls and a free mother-and-child room for passengers with children under 7 years of age operate 24 hours a day. Passengers can also use ATMs, a 24-hour pharmacy, post office and baggage packing stands.

Passengers can stay connected via wireless Internet Wi-Fi in all halls and areas of the terminals of domestic and international air routes. To use the service, you must connect to Beeline and AVANTEL networks using your device.

Using the Internet services, you can save time and choose a place on the plane. Online check-in service at Novosibirsk International Airport is now provided by 11 airlines: Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, UTAir, Ural Airlines, Orenair, Rossiya Airlines, Vim Avia, NordStar, Alrosa and Air Astana.

For passengers with disabilities, the terminals are equipped with ramps, lifts and lift platforms on ladders, there is also an ambulance lift.

Regular express transportation is carried out between the airport and the Novosibirsk region which allows to significantly shorten the travel time. The adjacent territory of the airport holds 24-hour
on-site car parking.